Unique TIME experience

TIME experience


A handmade personalized 

Thanks to our new custom collection you can compose and customize the bike of your dreams.

Choose each detail of your bike: frame’s color, bike ribbon’s color, each components. Once you will obtain the bike of your dream, our exceptional hands with unique know-how, will conceive you this unique high-end piece. 





A bike adapted to your

Many studies have been done in order to offer you a bike completely adapted to your morphology. We are able to propose you a frame adapted to your body after that you inform us of your postural characteristics. When you will ride for the first time, you will feel this ultimate cycling experience. 




A bike adapted to your cycling

Each frame is dedicated to a specific cycling practice. Even if your are looking for an aerodynamic bike, or an endurance bike or if you prefer to ride in mountain, you will not need the same frame’s characteristics and not the same feeling. Discover the different TIME universes : Altitude, Aero and Endurance, and choose the bike adapted to your practice. 







Benefit of passionate and expert

When you receive your dream bike in one of our retailers, an expert will help you to make the latest finishes on your bike and give you all tools that you need.

If you have a question, feel free to consult our service consumer on this phone number : 0800 94 43 32.









Ride and discover the exceptional
Time feeling

Ride with a TIME bike procure unique feeling. We produce handmade frames, entirely in carbon and adapted to your morphology. Your bike becomes the prolongation of your body and you will feel effects as the first kilometers. 





Join TIME's 

When you obtain a TIME, you enter in a passionate community. You can exchange about our products and your rides on our Strava Club, our Facebook and Instagram pages. You will receive offers and exclusives invitations to our events.