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Altitude - Alpe d'Huez 01



The new Alpe d'Huez bike is the lightest bike that TIME has ever created. But it is also competitively stiff for power efficiency as well as those surpise uphill attacks, responsive and precise for mountain descents and comfortable for long days in the saddle.

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Altitude - Alpe d'Huez 21



The Alpe d'Huez 21 is a direct descendant of the Alpe d'Huez 01. It representes the ideal climbing bike for cyclists in search of comfort and versatility in hilly landscapes.

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Aero - Scylon



Scylon bike is the perfect marriage of aerodynamics and power. Every detail has been designed and developed to create a true racing machine. Passionate cyclists, be ready to experience performance and power at their highest levels.

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Endurance - Fluidity



Discover the world in total harmony. The Fluidity is perfect for long rides – resilient, comfortable and versatile. With Fluidity, every ride will exhilarate, taking you to new landscapes, with serenity and without compromise.

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Enjoy a unique experience



A fully customized bike, handmade

With our online configurator you can create the bike of your dreams. Design every detail of your bike, from the color of the frame, to the color of the bar tape, to the choice of each component.

Once the ideal bike is realized, our skilled craftsman will put all their passion and expertise into creating your one-of-a-kind TIME bike.

Get expert advice during in-store delivery

Your custom bike will be delivered, free of charge to one of our TIME retailers, nearest you. They will help adjust your bike to fit you and will provide you with all the necessary information for its care and maintenance.

For any information, do not hesitate to consult our customer service at 0800944332. Our team of experts will answer your questions.

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