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No other technology offers such a wealth of choice – precise placement of fibers, fiber orientation and fiber material used. By choosing to weave its fibers, TIME today enjoys a selection of over 100 different braids. Over 25 fiber types and 17 exclusive carbon fiber braiding machines allow TIME to weave its own tailored braids, depending on the desired characteristics of the woven material. Selected, positioned and oriented as required, braids build layer upon layer to create the future structure of the bicycle.

 Carbon fibers are known for their rigidity and lightness. Vectran™ fibers absorb vibrations while Kevlar® is known for its high tensile strength. All used in combinations to make our frames stiff, light, comfortable and durable.



Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) - Construction lay-up



Once the carbon weaves (the ‘socks’) are selected for their technical characteristics (comfort, rigidity, lightness) they are wrapped around a solid fusible core. Whereas prepreg fabrication, how most road bikes are produced, our RTM process offers better and more exact fiber orientation and better structural homogeneity. The result is better performance and improved impact resistance.





Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) - Injection



Our unique RTM technology consists of injecting resin under pressure into a mold to obtain a solid homogeneous structure of the future frame. This process ensures complete impregnation of resin into the fiber structure, creating a smooth surface and weaved layers without voids. The solid core ensures perfect complex structures internally. The result is a quality ride and unparalleled handling.


Carbon Matrix Technology (CMT)



Used in the aerospace industry, CMT allows the manufacturing of complex shapes with incredible strength while reducing weight. This process creates very high quality carbon fiber parts for our stems and frame and fork dropouts.