Handlebars BIKE EQUIPMENT TIME Rtm Flatbar

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The Flatbar Handlebar has the same RTM construction and vibration-damping benefits of the ErgoDrive bar but in a flatbar form factor for a more casual position on a road bike.

Time technology


For TIME everything begin by the braiding of our fibers, selected one by one in order to obtain specific features. These characteristics impact the feeling that you can have on our bikes. For example, the Vectran fiber is characterised by a high absorption capacity, whereas Carbon fiber is known to be lighter and more rigid. 
Once selected, theses fibers are braided to obtain a “sock” of fibers. 
The benefits of this technology, compared to other systems are: different frame’s characteristics (precision), fibers uniformity in the sock (fiability), quality ride and unparalleled handling (feeling).

TIME’s know-how is the only way to use this technology.

Resin Transfer Molding

RTM technology enables precise and excellent reproducibility of the desired ride characteristics. The injection of the resin under pressure ensurres consistent impregnation of the fiber weave layers and eliminates the risk of delamination and structural weakness. The industrial reliability of RTM allows TIME to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our frames. 

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Diameter 31,8 mm


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Materials Full Carbon RTM