Accessories BIKE EQUIPMENT TIME Carbon Monolink Ulteam

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Reliability, security and optimal tightening with a 4 bolt system (TIME patent). Carbon stem body with CMT insert and cap.
By replacing aluminum, this technology allows better "feel" by reducing vibration, while increasing strength, and guaranteeing optimal security. The two CMT inserts are bonded by a structure in RTM.

Time technology

Carbon Matrix Technology

Used in the aerospace industry, CMT allows the manufacturing of complex shapes with incredible strength while reducing weight. This process creates very high quality carbon fiber parts for exceptional performance.

Resin Transfer Molding

RTM technology enables precise and excellent reproducibility of the desired ride characteristics. The injection of the resin under pressure ensurres consistent impregnation of the fiber weave layers and eliminates the risk of delamination and structural weakness. The industrial reliability of RTM allows TIME to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our frames. 

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Diameter 31,8 mm, steerer 1"1/8


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Weight 135


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Materials Full Carbon RTM, CMT inserts (Carbon Matrix Technology)