TIME Sport Accessories

Components worthy of your TIME bike. Matching carbon fiber Ergodrive handlebars and stems, using the same technology we use to make our legendary frames.


Compact geometry
full carbon RTM

Ø 31.8mm
HM and HR fibers with integrated carbon reinforcing sleeve
Integrated cable housing channels with removable ergonomic covers
Sizes : 42, 44, 46 cm (outside-to-outside)
225 g

TIME Carbon handlebars matte graphite
TIME Carbon handlebars gloss red
TIME Carbon handlebars gloss white
TIME Carbon handlebars matte black
TIME Carbon flat handlebars gloss black


Ø 31.8mm
Steerer Ø1" 1/8
Lengths : 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm
135 g

TIME carbon road bike stem - Graphite
TIME carbon road bike stem - Gloss Red
TIME carbon road bike stem - Gloss White
TIME carbon road bike stem - Matte Carbon

Pedal Cleats & Accessories

Replacement cleats for our Xpresso, RXS and ATAC pedals and Xpresso body plates.

iClic Cleats | 85g/pair

RXS Cleats | 99g/pair

ATAC Cleats | 45g/pair

ATAC Easy Cleats | 45g/pair

Xpresso Body Plates

Maintain the super smooth float you get with Xpresso pedals by replacing your plates. Also a way to customize, color-coordinate your Xpresso pedals with your bike and kit.

TIME Catalog 2017

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